'A treasure trove of concert memories from Scotland's rock music past'
- Ian Rankin



Created by Chris Brickley
Foreword by Ian Rankin

'A treasure trove of concert memories from Scotland's rock music past. A trip down memory lane for many of us, it's also an invaluable guide to a lost world of venues, bands, fashions and moments in time.' - Ian Rankin.

Featuring over 2000 images, this 500-page photobook captures a significant period in Scotland's music history. Arranged by town and venue across Scotland, this book presents a unique collection of photographs and ephemera which would otherwise be lost. Taking in post/punk, indie, rock, pop and reggae, from household names to forgotten acts, this extensive collection of hidden gems provides a remarkable and personal account of the era. The book revisits a huge number of venues, the majority now lost, prompting memories of those who were there while inspiring younger gig-goers.

Covering the length and breadth of Scotland, 16 YEARS spans 32 towns, 120 venues and 500 bands. As well as spotlighting Scotland's major cities, the book also covers towns and villages rarely - if ever - mentioned in music history, such as West Linton, Dumfries, Inverkip and Cumbernauld. We showcase legendary venues such as Clouds, Night Moves, Tiffany's, the Apollo and Silver Thread, alongside less familiar but crucial clubs like Splash One, Subterraneans, The International Hotel, The Onion Cellar, The Stagecoach, The Venue, Fat Sams and The Tamdhu.

There are photographs and memorabilia ranging from David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Clash, Ramones, REM, U2, Joy Division and Jam to Kraftwerk, Devo, Cramps, Fall, Adam and the Ants, Birthday Party, Suicide, Skids, Scars, Simple Minds, Postcard bands and Wake, as well as Crass, Swans, Virgin Prunes, Nico and Divine.

Alongside this eclectic and impressive array of critically-acclaimed acts are photographs of venues, industry figures and fans themselves. By including both crafted images by professional photographers and amateur shots from within the crowd, the book is unique in capturing the vital moments of the live music experience from across the spectrum.

Complementing these photographs and memories is an extraordinary array of rare souvenirs, such as concert posters, tickets, set lists, autographed material, interviews, tour/diary pages, contracts, t-shirts and live tapes. The book brings together rare and unpublished material in a comprehensive yet accessible volume.




A unique, independent and comprehensive music book of rare photography and memorabilia.
Created by Chris Brickley with a foreword by Ian Rankin.

£35 plus £12 postage and packaging to UK and Northern Ireland

(other shipping rates available on request)


568 pages

Printed in Scotland

To order your copy, contact scotgigsrelived@outlook.com



16 YEARS is now available to buy in store at:

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Exhibition Trail

17:00 Thursday 15 October 2020 - 18:00 Thursday 29 October 2020

The conference's photo exhibition this year is an outdoor, open space trail featuring images from 16 YEARS.

See works from the book throughout a trail of closed music venues across Dumfries town centre.

See dumfriesmusicconference.com for details



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