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The original goth scene in Scotland

A new independent photobook by Chris Brickley brings the original goth scene in Scotland back into focus.

A5, 176pp

"This book is a beautifully presented homage to a vital time and space that sent a lightning bolt of inspiration straight to my heart. Truly brilliant."

Chris Connelly (Fini Tribe / Revolting Cocks / Ministry)


Through rare, unpublished photography and ephemera, as well as thoughtful texts from a range of contributors, HEARTLANDS will rekindle some of the magic for scenesters who were there, or those who missed out. From Gourock to Dundee, Hawick to Elgin, Glasgow to Edinburgh, we find ourselves amidst beautiful youth unvarnished. Goths, positive/post punks, call them what you will, this most enduring of subcultures is re-presented for a contemporary audience, forty years down the line. You can almost catch a whiff of crimpers and Boots pink, snakebite, damp leather, patchouli. See the bands too, key and local, at clubs like Night Moves, Strutz and the Hooch. Ausgang to Xmal, Sisters to Nico, your faves may well be here. With a tender foreword from Chris Connelly (Fini Tribe, Revolting Cocks, Ministry), this book is the next-best thing to a time-machine.



8pm, 25 June 2024


2 Kings Court

97 King Street


G1 5RB

Cover photo by Kim Coates

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